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In addition to being the top-ranked challenge of CEOs globally, Human Capital is closely linked to the next three top challenges – Customer Relationships, Innovation, and Operational Excellence – in that a talented, engaged, and properly motivated workforce is critical to success.
The strategies CEOs are using to meet the human capital challenge center on greater leadership effectiveness, building a performance culture through measurement and accountability, providing workforce training, and raising employee engagement.
The trend is toward a „grow-your-own strategy“.

CEOs in Europe – the STRIM domestic market – see succession planning and rewarding entrepreneurship as keys to success.

The focus currently lies on three product service packages:

Our CEO, Dr. Volker Mayer, is a Senior Fellow Human Capital at The Conference Board in New York, as well as Assistant Professor at the University of Applied Sciences in Constance, teaching the MBA program “Human Capital Management” and contributing to practice from the perspective of applied research.


Dr. Volker Mayer

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